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Sako trg a sako trg-42 sniper rifle. Type sniper rifle place of origin finland service history in service 2000–present used by see users wars afghanistan war iraq war production history designed 1989 (trg-21/41) 1999 (trg-22/42) manufacturer sako produced 1989–1999 (trg-21/41) 1999–present (trg-22/42) variants see variants specifications weight 4. 7 kg (10. 4 lb) empty (trg-22 black) 4. 9 kg (10. 8 lb) empty (trg-22 green/tan/dark earth) 5. 2 kg (11. 5 lb) empty (trg-22 fold. Stock 510 mm barrel) 5. 4 kg (11. 9 lb) empty (trg-22 fold. Stock 660 mm barrel) 5. 1 kg (11. 2 lb) empty (trg-42 black) 5. 3 kg (11. 7 lb) empty (trg-42 green/tan/dark earth) 5. 8 kg (12. 8 lb) empty (trg-42 fold. Stock 690 mm barrel) length 1,000 mm (39. 37 in) (trg-22 510 mm barrel) 1,150 mm (45. 28 in) (trg-22) 1,020 mm (40. 16 in) (trg-42 folded stock 510 mm barrel) 1,200 mm (47. 24 in) (trg-42) barrel length 510 mm (20. 08 in) (trg-22 and trg-42 folded stock) 660 mm (25. 98 in) (trg-22) 690 mm (27. 17 in) (trg-42) cartridge. 260 remington (trg-22) 6. 5 creedmoor (trg-22 a1). 308 winchester (trg-21, trg-22) 7. 62×51mm nato (trg-21, trg-22). 300 winchester magnum (trg-41, trg-42). 338 lapua magnum (trg-41, trg-42) action bolt-action effective firing range 800 m Цепи приводные замок под расклепку rk clf 530 gxw. Цепь на мотоцикл, купить которую можно в нашем магазине, следует обязательно выбирать в. (875 yd) (trg-22. 308 winchester) 1,100 m (1,203 yd) купить bionic bird (trg-42. 300 winchester magnum) 1,500 m (1,640 yd) (trg-42. 338 lapua magnum) feed system 5-round detachable box magazine (. 338 lapua magnum) 7-round detachable box magazine (. 300 winchester magnum) 10-round detachable box magazine (. 308 winchester) sights aperture rear (with flip-up open tritium night/combat sight); day or night optics the sako trg is a bolt-action sniper rifle line designed and manufactured by the finnish firearms manufacturer, sako of riihimäki. The trg-21 and trg-22 are designed to fire standard. 308 winchester [1] / 7. 62×51mm nato sized cartridges, while the trg-41 and trg-42 are designed to fire more powerful and dimensionally larger. 300 winchester magnum (7. 62×67mm) magnum and. 338 lapua magnum (8. 6×70mm) super magnum cartridges. They are available with olive drab green, desert tan/coyote brown, dark earth or black stocks, and are also available with a folding stock. [2]. The sniper rifles are normally fitted with muzzle brakes to reduce recoil, jump and flash. The sako factory trg muzzle brakes vent sideways and are detachable. Generally trgs are outfitted with a zeiss [3] or schmidt & bender pm ii [4] telescopic sight with fixed power of magnification or with variable magnification. Variable telescopic sights can be used if the operator wants more flexibility to shoot at varying ranges, or when a wide field of view is required. In october 2011, sako introduced the sako trg m10 sniper weapon system. It was designed as a user configurable multi caliber modular system and does not share its receiver and other technical features with the rest of the trg line. купить полис осаго в липецке [5]. Contents. 1 history 2 design details 2. 1 features 2. 2 ammunition feeding 2. 3 barrel 2. 4 trigger 2. 5 safety 2. 6 stock 2. 7 accessories 3 variants 4 trg m10 derivative 5 users 6 see also 7 references 8 external links and sources. History [ edit ]. Sako trg-22 chambered in. 308 winchester used for hunting. In 1989 sako ltd. (riihimäki, finland) introduced the trg-21 precision rifle as a sniper rifle model chambered in. 308 winchester cartridge. A more hunting oriented variation of the trg was later introduced as the trg-s m995, which uses the same receiver (short action) and bolt (different bolt handle) as the trg-21 with the exception that the receiver is open at the top rather than possessing a cartridge ejection port on the right side as found with the trg-21. Subsequently, a second sniper rifle with a 20 mm (0. 79 in) longer scaled up magnum action emerged as the trg-41 in order to take advantage of the. 338 lapua magnum cartridge. Similarly, a hunting variant of this model, again using the same bolt (different bolt handle) and with the receiver open at the top was introduced as the trg-s m995 mag in magnum calibers up to. 338 lapua magnum. [6]. Even though the trg-21 obtained its origins from the successful sako tr-6 target rifle, the 4. 7 доска террасная купить в самаре kg (10 lb 6 oz) trg-21 was designed as a result of a thorough study of sniper requirements. With the introduction of the trg bolt-action, sako moved away from the modified two-lug mauser bolt-actions, favoured during the past, to an action with a symmetrical three-lug bolt of 19 mm (0. 75 in) diameter, displaying a locking surface of 75 mm 2 (0. 116 in 2). The evolution of this design continues to the present and can be found in sako's hunting rifle offerings, the sako 75 and the sako 85. To make the trg system more suitable for military use, sako upgraded and improved the trg-21/41 design in the late 1990s. Some trg accessories like the muzzle brake and bipod (that lets the rifle swivel or "hang" near its bore axis offering a more stable shooting position with large and heavy aiming optics mounted) were also improved. This resulted in the trg-22/42 rifle system. Around 2011 an american sako vendor commissioned a special limited production run of trg-22 sniper rifles chambered in. 260 remington cartridge and started offering them as of may 2011. [7]. Sako trg-42 chambered in. 338 lapua magnum used by an italian soldier. In 2013 the trg system was further upgraded and improved based on customer requirements. The upgrades consist of mounting improved recoil pads to reduce felt recoil, a newly constructed bolt release and a new fully adjustable two-stage trigger mechanism that features a new more ergonomic ambidextrous safety lever, and a trigger guard milled from aluminum for more positive magazine attachment. Further the bolt handle and its attachment to the bolt body were ruggedized. These general 2013 upgrades are backwards compatible with older trg sniper rifles. Exclusive for the. 338 lapua magnum chambered trg-42 model a new bolt featuring double plunger ejectors was introduced in 2013 to improve the ejection reliability of dimensionally large and heavy. 338 lapua magnum rifle cases. [8] Обзор цепи JT 520X1R2 - YouTube. In 2018 sako introduced the trg-22 a1 and trg-42 a1 models. The trg a1 models have a sako trg m10 sniper weapon system alike stock, featuring an aluminum middle chassis frame, side-folding buttstock, and a fore-end with the m-lok rail interface system that allows for direct accessory attachment onto "negative space" (hollow slot) mounting points. [9] the trg a1 models do not offer the user configurable multi caliber modular system of the sako trg m10 sniper weapon system. The bolts of the trg a1 models all feature double plunger ejectors introduced earlier for the. 338 lapua magnum trg-42 and the trg-22 a1 model expands the chambering palette with 6. 5 creedmoor. [10]. Sako never totally forgot the target rifle origins of the trg system. The necessary accessories to attach sighting components such as match grade peep sights or target aperture sights and a mirage strap are all available. Equipped with these accessories the trg can be used for non military or law enforcement tasks such as 300 m uit standard rifle competition, cism competition or other kinds of full bore target shooting. The Купите приводные цепи для мотоцикла в интернет-магазине мотоквартал. У. Купить. Цепь приводная sunstar ss gold 530rtg1-114g. Артикул: 12578. rifle is commonly seen in long-range competition where it has done very well. [11] besides civilian target shooting the trg system can and is sometimes used for hunting. The trg system’s purposive design features, reliability in adverse conditions and consistent accuracy performance (a capable marksman can expect ≤ 0. 5 moa consistent accuracy with appropriate ammunition) have made it a popular, though expensive, sniper rifle system. [12]. Design details [ edit ]. The trg system is almost unique in being a purpose-designed sniper rifle, rather than an accurised version of an existing, general-purpose rifle. [ citation needed] the sniper rifles can have a matte or manganese phosphatised finish. Features [ edit ]. The heart of the trg system is a cold-hammer forged receiver and barrel. Both provide maximum strength for minimum weight as well as excellent resistance to wear. The action has a hex style profile on top with a smaller closed ejection port. Actions with an ejection port make it more difficult to reach in with a finger to discreetly eject brass when desired, but it does allow for additional strength in the action. The "resistance free" bolt has three massive lugs and requires a 60-degree bolt rotation and a 98 mm (3. 86 in) bolt throw for the short and 118 mm (4. 65 in) bolt throw for the long bolt-action; these features should be appreciated by the shooter during multiple firings that require rapid projectile placement on the target. The bolt handle is the appropriate length and sports a large synthetic bulbous knob that provides a firm, positive grip. On top of Большой каталог цепи, комплекты, звёзды для мотоциклов в москве по. Задняя (ведомая) стальная, 525, afam (jtr300. 48). Afam. Цена: 2 530 ₽. the receiver a 17 mm (0. 67 in) integral dovetail rail with shape connection drillings for one or more recoil lugs provides for fixing mounting components to accommodate different types of optical or electro-optical sights. Folding iron sights can be obtained for secondary Как поменять цепь - YouTube or emergency use. [13]. The receiver's large bedding surface is mated to an aluminium alloy-bedding...

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